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Prophecy 2006 Branch

This branch release makes Voice Conference Manager available on the freely-downloadable, no-cost-license Voxeo "Prophecy 2006" platform.

Prophecy 2006 includes speech recognition, text-to-speech, SIP interfaces, PHP and Java web servers, as well as CCXML, VoiceXML, SRGS, and TTS-markup interpreters. Voice Conference Manager makes an excellent introduction on how to use these telephony and speech technologies. Details of the Voice Conference Manager's architecture are on the project's web site, and as an article in Dr. Dobbs Journal.

The Prophecy branch is different than the main branch in several way, which are covered in the READMe file. In particular, since the free version of Prophecy includes only two CCCXML licenses, the Prophecy branch does not have a separate CCXML process to track the number of calls or the conference object. The current version of this software supports the "push2web" package to provide real-time updates, to a web page, of the conference call progress.

This Prophecy branch uses PHP and Java servlets, both of which come as part of Prophecy 2006, to replace the main branch's Python-based CGI. This makes Prophecy 2006 a single-source solution for Voice Conference Manager.

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